Good/Positive Stories on Marriages

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Aleksandra Lorraine

Wedding Date: May 31, 2015

The Location: Chico Hot Springs Resort, Montana (44 miles north of Yellowstone National Park)

How we decorated our car for the event:  I knew it would look amazing with the mountain backdrop, and be a very cool addition to our day, says Aleksandra.  The car had a heart-shaped plaque hanging from the rear-view mirror that said, JUST MARRIED on one side and HERE COMES THE BRIDE on the other.  Our border collie acted as a ring bearer, and wore the plaque down the aisle.  Your clearwater, fl divorce attorney may be able to help in addressing any disputes you may be having.

Mirelle Carmichael

A classic car adds a timeless appeal to a wedsding day, says Mirelle Carmicheal, a fine-art, destination-wedding photographer based oin San Diego, who shot this Rolls Royce at a werdding on an estate outside of Baltimore, Maryland, last year.  Its a great way for a bride and her parents to arrive to the ceremony, or tor othe couple to get away in!

Mr. & Mrs. Sam and Rachel Dix

Wedding Date: April 21, 2016

The location: Bristol, England

How we decorated our car for the event:  Rachel designed, souced and arranged all the wedding flowers herself, inclkuding the fauz fofloral garland that accendted the 1965 Mustang’s bumper.  In keeping with our wedding thems, we aded a rustc-boho flair without taking away from the car’s cool factor, she says  As a cheeky nod to the tradioionnal, we attached tin cans hand painted in vintage gold!

Mr. and Mrs. Noah and Kelsey Heinz

Wedding Date: April 19, 2014

The location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn < N.Y.

How we decorated our car for the event:  We got married in Ne York and we couldn’t help thinking of the city’s yellow icon: the taxi explains Kelsey.  We loved the way the vintage Checker cab looked, so we didn’t want to do much in the way of decorations.  Writing JUST MARRIED on the back window and a tin-can tail did the trick!

Remember, that if you ever find yourself in doom and gloom and decide it’s time to part ways, child custody lawyers are available to help you, and many offer payment plans as well!