Business Courts

While I applaud the effort from the Florida bar to take a hard look at business courts as mentioned in the October 1st edition of the news, I had no choice close the two business cards in the ninth circuit and move those judges to the unified Family Court division. This had to be done because I simply lack enough judges to support both important courts functions family court litigants (try finding st petersburg fl divorce attorneys) or experiencing delays getting emergency hearings and trials trying to find child custody attorneys near me. The cases in the unified Family Court division frequently involve families, including children, who are in crisis. The issues involve social and psychological trauma, financial pressure and, sometimes, violence. Asking those what it comes to wait for hearing because we do not have enough judges was unfair and potentially dangerous to everyone. Consequently, judges from the business Court division were sent to the family division. This was not an easy decision as the ninth circuit was the first circuit in Florida to establish business courts. It opened in 2003, and a second judge was eventually added, out of necessity, to handle complex litigation (commercial disputes) because the demand was so great. Both the commercial gators and the business community and our region applauded the business Court. The successful concept regarding divorce attorney st petersburg fl expanded to Tampa, Miami, & Fort Lauderdale. Like all Court users the business community deserves a responsive court system that is able to efficiently handle their disputes.