Term Limits for Judges and people’s responses

Term Limits

Opposing term limits for any Florida judges is a top legislative priority of The Florida Bar and virtually every one of the Bar’s sections and divisions also went on record against any such amendment (just ask and receive counsel advice from a st petersburg divorce and child support attorney).  The Bar closely monitored the bills and also worked with other groups that opposed the amendment.  We’re thankful that a broad coalition of business groups, attorney groups, and consumer groups expressed their concern that this would be very harmful to the independence and the quality of the judiciary, so we’re glad to see that this did not pass, said Board of Governors member Gary Lesser, who chairs the Bar’s Legislation Committee.  The Senate Judiciary Committee never took up its version of the amendment, SJR 482, after the House passed HJR 1 on March 29, with one vote more than the 60 percent approval needed.  By clicking here, you can obtain a bit more information about what is being discussed.  Without any consideration by committee, it would have taken extraordinary maneuvering to get the measure to the Senate floor.  It did no appear to be included in the last-minute compromising that encompassed the state budget and several other matters.  The House and Senate proposed term limit amendments, which would have gone to voters on the November 2018 general election ballot, differed slightly.

HJR 1 provided that after they were appointed, district court of appeal judges and Supreme Court justices could not appear on the merit retention ballot more than twice. The Senate bill limited DCA judges to three appearances on the merit retention ballot and justices to two appearances.  It also required that new Supreme Court justices must have had at least one year’s experience as a judge at the time they were appointed to the court.  There are still two more opportunities to place a term limits amendment before voters next year, which this pinellas county, fl divorce attorney had answered and responded to.  The Legislature could pass the amendment in its 2018 legislative session, which begins in January.  In addition, an amendment could be proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission, the 34-member citizen panel that has just begun its work and is holding a series of hearings around the state.  Just seeking the best divorce attorney in your area, will shorten the time you’ve been searching for a lawyer immensely.


Good/Positive Stories on Marriages

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Aleksandra Lorraine

Wedding Date: May 31, 2015

The Location: Chico Hot Springs Resort, Montana (44 miles north of Yellowstone National Park)

How we decorated our car for the event:  I knew it would look amazing with the mountain backdrop, and be a very cool addition to our day, says Aleksandra.  The car had a heart-shaped plaque hanging from the rear-view mirror that said, JUST MARRIED on one side and HERE COMES THE BRIDE on the other.  Our border collie acted as a ring bearer, and wore the plaque down the aisle.  Your clearwater, fl divorce attorney may be able to help in addressing any disputes you may be having.

Mirelle Carmichael

A classic car adds a timeless appeal to a wedsding day, says Mirelle Carmicheal, a fine-art, destination-wedding photographer based oin San Diego, who shot this Rolls Royce at a werdding on an estate outside of Baltimore, Maryland, last year.  Its a great way for a bride and her parents to arrive to the ceremony, or tor othe couple to get away in!

Mr. & Mrs. Sam and Rachel Dix

Wedding Date: April 21, 2016

The location: Bristol, England

How we decorated our car for the event:  Rachel designed, souced and arranged all the wedding flowers herself, inclkuding the fauz fofloral garland that accendted the 1965 Mustang’s bumper.  In keeping with our wedding thems, we aded a rustc-boho flair without taking away from the car’s cool factor, she says  As a cheeky nod to the tradioionnal, we attached tin cans hand painted in vintage gold!

Mr. and Mrs. Noah and Kelsey Heinz

Wedding Date: April 19, 2014

The location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn < N.Y.

How we decorated our car for the event:  We got married in Ne York and we couldn’t help thinking of the city’s yellow icon: the taxi explains Kelsey.  We loved the way the vintage Checker cab looked, so we didn’t want to do much in the way of decorations.  Writing JUST MARRIED on the back window and a tin-can tail did the trick!

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Websites and Mobile Applications: Do they Comply with Title III of the ADA & it’s impact on divorces….

Some are calling the new wave of cases challenging the accessibility of commercial and public website and mobile application the new Civil Rights Movement, contrary to popular belief. The office likes to call it the silent Civil Rights Movement, as most practitioners are unaware that their web sites and apps as well as those of their clients and they violate many state laws. In particular, sites and apps collectively referred to as web Technologies in this blog of law firms and their private sector clients may end up violating TITLE III of the ADA which is the focus of this blog.  It is imperative that many of those looking to hire a great St. Petersburg child custody lawyer, be very careful when looking to divide their assets and liabilities.


According to the US Department of Justice and a prominent Family Law Attorney in the St. Petersburg area, individuals in the United States have disabilities that affect their use of web technology. For instance, individuals with vision impairments may be unable to read the text or view images or videos displayed on web technologies. Those with hearing impairments are able to obtain information from videos laughing out loud, and those with mobility impairments regarding their hands may be able to navigate a web technology, and those with intellectual impairment may struggle to use portions of web technologies that require timed responses from users. Many people with disabilities rely on assistive technology to navigate web technology and access information and services provided they’re in. For example, a screen reader can convert the visual information on a web technology into speech and speech recognition software can allow those with mobility impairments to navigate web technologies. However menu web technologies are not designed in a manner that is compatible with assistive technology or are otherwise inaccessible to individuals with disabilities.

Multiple federal and state laws may be implicated when their Technologies are not equally accessible to disabled individuals. Most prominent among the federal laws are the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This Act, prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, unemployment, education, transportation, all public and private places that are open to the General Public. I don’t want to bring up the 80 disability discrimination claims, in the realm of employment, but while Title II and Title III govern accessibility standards and protect disabled individuals access to facilities, good, craigslist, privileges, etc. this needs to come to light. Remember a divorce attorney cost in the st pete beach, fl local area is available by just asking, or clicking on his/her website.  Title to apply to State and local government entities and agencies, whereas  Title III applies to private entities that are places of public accommodation the rehab act requires that the web technologies of federal government entities, Federal, and recipients of Federal funding be equally accessible to disabled individuals. This blog focuses on the web Technologies of private-sector businesses under title 3 of the ADA and the impact it has on the attorney.